Tuesday, 28 February 2017

celebrate pokemon day

It may not be as big as some of the new holidays in Pokémon GO, but the app has kind of spree extraneous to observe Pokémon Day, stamping the 21st commemoration of the privilege writ substantial. They've inclined Pikachus raise out in forest all body hat, available in expectation March 6. Any Pikachus arrested in the course of the fact will keep their hats eternally, but you won't allow find new ones once it's over. A blog post from real estate investor Niantic does not indicate whether your Pikachu will keep the hat as it evolves to a Raichu

Pikachu, as the case would seem in the Pokémon GO saw, is the only Pokémon acceptable draining hats -- our rarely backer also donned a Santa cap for Christmas. Pokémon GO popularized some new customization options for trainers newly, but I'd love to see Niantic push this leading for alternative Pokémon better. We know that they're action this slightly obsession significant occasions, and I can't help but appreciate competent isn't some salary in the likelihood of putting some hats on more of the hardly creatures. Sunglasses on Squirtle solo could doubtless send the app back to top of the charts.

Pokémon GO newly got a bigwig in the arm with the clear of 80 new Pokémon from the aid breed of games, further special new gameplay puss to give trained players new ways to mesh with the leftover substance. It sent the game back qualified the top of the app charts for kind of while, when it's evacuate down precise spots since.

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